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American Healthcare Review Center

ClientAHRC - American Healthcare Review Center

DateLast 2013

Launch Project

The practice of a licensed healthcare profession in the United States can require the applicant to pass a qualifying examination. Whether it is for the practice of Physical Therapy, Nursing or other healthcare profession, the need to hurdle the state board examination is imminent to pursue the practice.

A custom system web application for AHRC (American Healthcare Review Center) created using with a platform of PHP, CSS, HTML, JS/JQuery and having a featured lists below:

* Online student Registration
* Student Login
* Email Account Activation
* Online payment using Paysimple
* Student Admin management Area
* Fully Ajax/JQuery Effects
* Online Examination
* Student Grade Calculation after exam
* Virtual Library: unlimited access to our online portal of comprehensive academic materials

Objective: To simply manage all registered students and there grades, etc..